Online Poker Variations

The most common form of poker played anywhere is Texas Hold ‘Em. This form of poker was made famous thanks to its television exposure on various channels. The WSOP caused a publicity wave that unleashed the game to millions of potential poker players all over the world. This also began the online poker craze.

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What many of these people don’t know is that there are many forms of poker other than Texas Hold ‘Em. It’s quite rare to find other formats of poker shown on television. This fact has lead many to believe that there is only one game of poker played at online casinos. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, Hold ‘Em is the most widely played poker game in the world, but there are many other games that can be found at most online poker rooms.

Probably the second most played poker game is called Omaha Hold ‘Em. This is almost like Texas Hold ‘Em with one major difference. In Texas Hold ‘Em you are dealt two cards face down and use them in connection with the 5 community cards to make your best hand. In Omaha, you are dealt 4 cards face down to use to make your best hand.

The game plays much the same as Texas Hold ‘Em but you now have 4 cards which to make a good hand. The kicker is that you must use two of them and only two. If you have 4 cards that are all hearts, you cannot use one card on the board to make a flush. The same goes for all other poker rankings.

There are also many other games such as Razz, Stud and Five Card Draw. It can be difficult to find many tables going at these less popular games, but it is worth it to learn them all. Texas hold ‘Em is becoming more and more tough to beat every day, so knowing many games can increase your chances of winning more money. If you are stuck in one skill set, you will be limited as to what games you can play.

If you are good at them all, you can find a game called HORSE. This combines many forms of poker into one game. The letters stand for Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Razz, Stud and Stud Hi-Lo. This game exploits weaknesses in other player’s games making it a good choice for those who are well versed in all forms of poker.

You can find many of these games at almost any online poker room. Some rooms will have an even further selection of games such as Badugi. Knowing how to play other games will be vital to ones success at online poker.

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